Graduate Certificate/M.A.T in Teaching English as a Second Language

The Graduate Certificate /M.A.T. Program in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) is a 39 hour program designed to prepare teachers to work with K-12 and adult ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students.  The Program offers two options for candidates.  They may choose to complete only Phase One, also called the graduate certificate in teaching program to earn the “A” license in TESL.  The second option is to complete the entire MAT program, earning  an “A” license at the completion of Phase One and the “M” license after two years of teaching experience and the completion of Phase II.  The Program offers numerous opportunities for study abroad.

Program Director
Lan Quach Kolano,
Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education
Dept. of Middle, Secondary, and K-12 Education


More information is available at the Pathway to Teaching web site. [link]

Program Plan of Study

Program of Study (Two Phases)

Phase I: Graduate Certificate in TESL (K-12)

24 total credit hours

MDSK 6162: Planning for K-12 Instruction


TESL 6204: Multicultural Education


ENGL 6161: Introduction to Linguistics


TESL5103: Methods in Teaching English as a Second Language


READ 6204: Teaching Reading to English Language Learners


TESL 5104: Authentic Assessment


TESL 6205: Second Language Acquisition in K-12 Settings




ENGL: 6163 Language Acquisition (prerequisite ENGL 6160


TESL 6470: Internship in Teaching English as a Second Language



Phase II: Completion of MAT Degree

15 total credit hours

TESL 6206: Globalization, Communities, & Schools 3
RSCH 6101: Research Methods 3
TESL 6476: Advanced Second Language Methods 3
MDSK 6260: Teacher Leadership 3
TESL 6691: Seminar in Professional Development 3