Arts Education

The College of Arts+Architecture offers the following pathways to K-12 licensure earned after successful completion of Bachelor's or Graduate Certificate coursework.


For undergraduate students, we offer the following degrees:

B.F.A. in Art with a concentration in Art Education
Art Education planning sheet (2017 General Education)

B.A. in Dance with a concentration in Dance Education
Dance Education planning sheet (2017 General Education)

Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Choral/General Music Education
Music Education/Choral planning sheet (2017 General Education)

Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Instrumental/General Music Education
Music Education/Instrumental planning sheet (2017 General Education)

B.A. in Theatre with a concentration in Theatre Education
Theatre Education planning sheet (2017 General Education)


Each degree includes a minimum of 20 hours of hands-on clinical experiences before culminating in a semester of student teaching during the senior year.  Clinicals and student teaching are strategically assigned to prepare students for a diversity of public school settings in grades K-12.  Pedagogy and performance are emphasized throughout coursework while small class size allows for personalized instruction.

All five programs require two semesters of a foreign language and application to teacher education. In addition, each Arts department has specific coursework to be completed before applying to teacher education. Details can be found at the College of Arts + Architecture or by contacting Tesh Ramey.


For graduate students, we offer the following program:

Graduate Certificate in Teaching Art Education

Those who already have a degree in Art or 24 credits in studio Art and with to obtain K-12 licensure in Art Education should pursue the Graduate Certificate.  The Grad Cert consists of 16 graduate credit hours plus any deficiencies in background studio coursework. The program application deadline is April 15 for Fall admission.  Candidates will need to submit a digital portfolio of 10-12 original artworks as part of the admissions process.  Submission guidelines and review criteria are listed on the last page of the plan sheet.


For further information on these programs, please contact:

H. Tesh Ramey

Arts Education Specialist
Storrs 128
College of Arts + Architecture
University of North Carolina at Charlotte