Current PhD Students in Curriculum and Instruction Research Interests

Name Email Program Research Interest Best Days to Meet Part-Time or Full-Time
Courtney Glavich Curriculum & Instruction (Urban Focus) 1) Preservice teachers 2) STEM Education 3) Teacher Beliefs  Any but Wednesday Full-Time
Katie Brown Curriculum & Instruction (Urban Focus) 1) Montessori 2) LGBTQ students 3) Teacher preparation   Full-Time
John Williams III Curriculum & Instruction (Urban Focus) 1) Discipline Disparities 2) Teacher Prep 3) Minority Wealthq Weekends, TH, FR Evenings Full-Time
Trish Scardina Curriculum & Instruction (Urban Focus) 1) Discipline Disproportionality 2) Role of SROs 3) Administrator Prep weekends  Part-Time
Amber Bryant Curriculum & Instruction (Literacy Focus) 1) district-wide school reform 2) literacy and it's effets on poverty (vice versa) 3) emancipatory learning (be in touch) Full-Time
Monica Allen Ed Leadership 1) Student Retention; 2) Higher Ed; 3) African American/Latino; 4)Persistence to Graduation weekends; TH; F evenings Full-Time
Brad Smith Ed Leadership (Higher Education) 1) early college high schools 2) postsecondary/secondary partnerships 3) student support 4) community colleges   Full-Time
Neda Pouraskari Ed Leadership (Higher Education) 1)Gender equity 2) Female college students 3)Islamophobia 4)    Part-Time
Tracy D Creech Curriculum & Instruction (Urban Focus) 1) importance of school media centers 2) minority teacher recruitment/retention 3) urban ed reform Mondays, some weekends part-time
Nhu Nguyen Ed Leadership (Higher Education) 1)Preservice teachers 2) Teacher Beliefs 3) Student Engagement 4) Teacher-Student Interaction 5) Teacher Education    
Andrea Swintal Ed Leadership (Higher Education) 1) Transfer/Reverse Transfer 2) Student Retention 3) Two versus Four Year Transfer Retention 4) Learning Communities Evenings except M, Tu Part-Time
Jessica Kapota Ed Leadership (Higher Education) 1) ePortfolios 2) Freshman Learning 3) Active Learning 4) Digital Literacy Lunch, early evenings, weekends Part-Time
Nicholas Triplett Curriculum & Instruction (Urban Focus) 1) Evenings (videoconference), M-W 10-2 on campus Full Time
April Smith Ed Leadership (Higher Education) 1) Students of color- AA and Latino 2) Experiences of minority students, faculty and staff 3) ETC Thursdays and Fridays Full Time
Shannon Montgomery Curriculum & Instruction (Urban Elementary Focus) 1) Educational Games 2) Critically Relevant Pedagogy Wednesday and Thursdays Full-Time
Tracey Carney Ed Leadership (Curriculum & Supervision) 1) Teacher prep programs 2)student engagement 3)mental health in schools 4)special education delivery Thursday, Friday, & weekends  
Yamaro Scott Curriculum & Instruction (Urban Focus) 1) Alternative Schools 2) Mentoring minorities in secondary education 3) Restorative Practices Tuesday, Friday (Preferably Video conference on either day) Part-Time
Jessica Bolden Curriculum & Instruction (Urban Focus) 1) STEM education 2) Teacher Preparation 3) LGBTQ students  4) Discipline Disparities  Any but Monday Part-Time
Melissa Sykes Curriculum & Instruction (Literacy Focus) 1) Virtual professional development 2) University-school partnerships Email/phone Part-Time
Kiran Budhrani Ed Leadership (Higher Education) 1) online learning MOOCs 2) e-leadership 3) instructional design 4) multimedia learning M-Tu-W Full Time
Maria Leahy Ed Leadership 1) charter school leadership 2) teacher leadership 3) Special Education Best Practices Varies Full Time
Carlie Houchins Ed Leadership (Higher Ed/community) 1) Adult education; 2) Nontraditional students; 3) Nontraditional Delivery of education; 3) Factors in persistence Week-day mornings; Saturday am or Sunday pm Part-time
Tyrone McDonald Tymcdona@uncc.edi Ed Leadership (Superintendent Track) 1) Varies Part-time
Amber Perrell Ed Leadership (Higher Education) 1) student development 2)motivation and resiliency 3) student retention M-W-F Part-time
Felicia Dangerfield-Persky Curriculum & Instruction (Urban Focus) 1) Math education 2) STEM education 3) Gifted Education and College and Career Readiness Fridays and Weekends  Part-time
Torrieann Dooley Kennedy Curriculum & Instruction (Elementary Ed Focus) 1) Culturally relevant PD 2) Coaching  Weekends Part-time
Jennifer Johnson Curriculum & Instruction (Urban Education) 1) African American students in Honors/AP Level Math Classes Weekends Part-time
Kelly Rhyne Curriculum & Instruction (Urban Education) 1) Preservice/ Teacher Preparation   2) Curriculum Development/ Afrocentric studies    
Aimy S.L. Steele Curriculum & Instruction (Urban Education) 1) Social Inclusion of Black Female School Administrators and Mentoring; 2) STEM Education and Accreditation; 3) Select Topics in Educational Leadership Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, or Sunday afternoons Full Time
Delphia Smith Curriculum & Instruction (Urban Literacy)  1) Reading/Increasing Literacy    
Dymilah Hewitt Curriculum and Instruction /(Urban Education) 1) Veterans in Higher Education 2) Assessment and Accreditation at HBCUs    
Joseph Allen Curriculum and Instruction /(Urban Education) Culturally Relevant Pedagogy